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JP Sears about relationships

Dear readers!

This blogg will be in English since my guest happens to come from the United States of America. I met with JP Sears during my training to become a Holistic lifestyle coach here in Halmstad 1 1/2 years ago. We got a good connection and started to work together. And I see JP as a colleague and a mentor. Over this period of time we both have had the great benefit of learning from each other. And for this I am truly grateful. JP is not only a great inner coach but he is a kind and patient man who is true to himself.

JP and I are planning to come back with another podcast about communication in the future. This is a topic that we both hold very dearly.

Tune in to the podcast either by listening to the player on this website, or through the link that will lead you to iTunes.


If you want to visit JP’s website: http://www.innerawakeningsonline.comPodcast foto 2

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