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Nu var det dags igen!


Har du inte hunnit blivit motiverad till att ta tag i livet så kommer det en släng motivation här och nu. Plugga in hörlurarna och njut av Clark Dangers härliga sätt att tackla livet. Han må vara ung, men energin och omtanken är fantastisk.

Now it is time again!


If you haven’t got fully motivated to grab hold of life, here is what you have been looking for. Motivation in a flash. Plug in your phones, take a stroll and listen to Clark Dangers ways of handling life. He is young, but the energy and care is fantastic.

I am very happy that we did get to do this podcast. And I hope that we did help someone out with this work.


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This episode is 20 min and perfect for a quick walk a Saturday morning.




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