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Mike Demeter on bodybuilding

Today I have the great honor to present my friend and mentor Mike Demeter to my podcast. Mike is a Canadian bodybuilding coach with years, and years of experience in this field of training. During our conversation I’ve learned so much and I hope that you, the listener, will feel the same after hearing our talk.

If you want to get in contact with Mike as a coach I think that Facebook is the best option.

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Sincerely Lotta

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I know Mike since 2007 and right off the bat I was intrigued by his knowledge. You see I use to be one of those people who ran on the treadmill for an hour and then 30 minutes on the stairclimber in the morning and again after work. One day, as I was on the stairclimber, Mike handed a sheet of paper and said in a low gentle voice ”read it if you want when you want”. So I did on my way back home after the gym in the evening. Now have you ever had an ”AHA” moment?! Well that moment changed my life drastically. Since then, there has been huge changes not just physically but emotionally (never felt better). My knowledge of fitness and nutrition is incredible and again it’s because if I have a question about something related to this topic, my go to person is none other than Mike. If you have never talked to him, I encourage you to go ahead and introduce yourself and ask a question. I can bet my bottom dollar that you will be intrigued by his world of knowledge, your one question, will turn into running questions that suddenly arise as he provides you with the answers. I am a busy lawclerk and when I listened to this podcast, I had a huge smile, knowing that anyone who listens to it will leave with all kinds of ”AHA” moments, intrigue and the ”I GOT THIS” attitude.

Mike knows this much because he cares this much. ”wink”. See you at the gym coach!

Thank you so much for your kind words. And I am terribly sorry for my late reply. I have read your comment many times and it makes me smile every time. Mike is a fantastic guy and it was my pleasure to have him on my show!

Thank you:)

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