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Working with great people

Greetings fellow humans! (as Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory would say)

Sometimes life will throw you lemons and you can choose if you want to make lemonade or become sour yourself. This week has been a huge test for myself. I have for the most part fantastic colleagues. But I have more than one vocation and at one of my freelance workplaces one person took a shot at being a complete asshole. And I reacted big time since I have a huge problem with people being selfish and taking out their lack of self confidence by treating others disrespectfully.

But it is my responsibility to figure out why I am reacting. And see the problem that lays behind. Knowing that a person with the right set of mind never would have backstabbed a friend or colleague should have calmed me down. Unfortunately it didn’t until a few minutes ago. And this has totally drained me from my energy this week.

I am very thankful for having a great holistic health coach colleague who lives on the other side of the world. Who through his youtube-chanell can give me some wisdom when I feel lost in my own emotions. Clark and I did a great podcast and episode number two will soon air.


And parts of the podcast will come up on Clarks Youtube-chanell where he has over 4000 subscribers..


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