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Mike Demeter and project fitness

Dear readers!

Usually I write in Swedish, but this time I’ll do it in English for a certain reason.

To be a coach and a teacher I believe that you do everything you can to help the person you are guiding. And it is not uncommon that we coaches ourselves get coached by others. It is for the simple reason that having someone else look into ones life with fresh eyes, knowledge and care so that a change to reach a goal can be achieved.

For me I have come a long way with my body and my mind. It has been a long journey and it is far from over. I learn new things everyday, and learning from the best is pure pleasure. Therefore I have hired the excellent Mike Demeter. You were able to hear our talk about bodybuilding two weeks ago on my podcast. And with his knowledge and my determination will take this project far.

I do still have a thyroid that is not really up to speed. I had a really stressful year last year and that put my thyroid off completely. But slowly but surly it is getting better and better.

Note to reader: This project is NOT living a healthy lifestyle. And usually I talk about how to live to be healthy with food, thoughts, emotions, sleep, hydration and training. But this time I will take it to a more extreme level since I want to compete in figure.

I want to see how much I can do with my body, get visible abs and a really lean and toned body.

So, during the weekend I will publish my before pictures. Therefore, keep an eye out for that!

To warm you up, you can listen the podcast we did about bodybuilding!

Mike Demeter



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